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Costs, Terms and Conditions - (Co-operative Training Courses)

Please read these notes in full. They are important and not the normal "small print."

To download a PDF of this document please click here.

Please note the following terms and conditions; continuing with your booking signifies your agreement with these terms and conditions:

1: Your email address: We prefer to make arrangements by email as this reduces postage costs and avoids postal confirmations getting mislaid; please provide us with a valid email address where possible as this will ensure that you get all relevant information promptly. If we don't have your email address, this will delay us confirming course places.

2: Participant phone numbers: Please provide a contact number for each participant, ideally a mobile phone number. This allows us to contact participants directly should there be a problem that we need to notify the about.

3: Current Rates: We welcome bookings from organisations and individuals; the rate for the course you are interested in is stated in the Open Access Course information. VAT is not currently charged. We do not currently need to include VAT.

4: Number of delegates per organisation: Where feasible, we prefer to get a good mix of agencies on multi-delegate courses. This means that we will not typically book more than four people from one agency on any single course. If you wish to book more than four people on a course, it is usually more economical to arrange an in-house course. We can put additional people on a reserve list, should spare places be made available.

5: Confirming Payment Arrangements: In order to ensure prompt payment we will need the following:

If you need to make alternative payment arrangements please contact us to discuss.

6: Substitute Trainers: We intend to run all courses as scheduled and described. We may, without notice, need to provide an alternative TRAINER due to unexpected circumstances. In such a situation, no refund will be offered as the scheduled course will run.

7: Cancelled Courses: If we are obliged to cancel a course we will give you as much notice as possible. We will, whenever possible, inform you within two weeks if a course is not going to run. We will refund any course fees paid. We will only cancel a course with less notice than this in exceptional circumstances.

8: Cancelling and substituting a booking: If you need to cancel a booked place on the course, we need as much notice as possible, to ensure that the place can be offered to someone else.

If you wish to substitute a different delegate for a previously booked one, please notify us by email or phone at least 5 working days before the course is due to take place.

We will exceptionally accept substitute delegates up to 24 hours before the course BUT no certificate of attendance will be available on the day.

9: Cancelling a booking outright - notfication and penalties: If you cancel a booked place, and no substitution is made, please be aware of the following cancellation periods and charges:

  1 day course 2 day course 3 day course
20+ working days: no charge/full refund
10 - 20 working days £20 admin charge 50% of fee 75% of fee
5-10 working days 50% of fee 75% of fee 100% of fee
2 - 5 working days 75% of fee 100% of fee 100% of fee
Less than 2 days 100% of fee 100% of fee 100% of fee

Please note that, where advanced payment has been made, we will refund your fee less any deductions described above.

If you have not made advanced payment, we will invoice you based on the above. No further bookings can be accepted from you or your organisation until the outstanding balance is settled.

10: Start Time: We like our courses to start on time and we expect participants to have a professional approach to time-keeping. We want you to turn up for coffee and registration by 9.30am. There will be initial introductions and house-keeping at 9.45am. We may not admit participants arriving any later than 10am unless we have been notified that you will be arriving late. If you arrive after 10am and are not admitted we will NOT refund your fee.

11: Certificates: We will provide certificates of attendance to all participants; these will be made out based on the names included on the booking form.

12: Dispute: In the event of any dispute we will always seek to achieve an amicable resolution and are prepared to discuss any aspect of work with you at any stage of the booking.

13: Liability and Insurance: We will not assume any responsibility whatsoever for damage or injury to persons or property and any financial or other losses incurred before, during or after the event.

14: Data protection: We will retain your contact details on paper and electronic systems for as long as we are required to for financial compliance purposes. We will not contact you for purposes other than the specified training course without your consent. We will not send you emails or post for publicity materials unless you ask us to notify you of subsequent courses or events. If you DO wish to be notified of further events please indicate this on the appropriate box on the booking form.

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