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Drugs and Dopamine: Dependency, Depression and Diet...

About this course: This one-day module offers a crash course in the brain-chemistry of drugs. It looks at how drugs impact on brain chemistry, link to dependency and mental health and explores practical interventions to support recovery. In an ideal world everyone would get the chance to do the "Drugs and Mental Wellbeing" course and the "Drugs and Brain Chemistry Course" but - it's not an ideal world.

This course takes the most important elements of both courses and creates a fast paced one day course that has more useful nuggets than any one-day course really deserves.

Especially useful for workers who want to incorporate elements of brain chemistry in key or group work interventions.

Duration: one day

Appropriate for: Workers who undertake education, group work or key work and want to raise awareness of how drugs impact on brain chemistry or support recovery in people experiencing effects of drug use on mental health.

Objectives: By the end of the course, participants will:

The course includes:

Format: Taught sections, group discussion, work in small groups and pairs

Handouts: Slides as PDF for download, black and white slides for note-taking

DANOS modules: AA1, AA4, AB2, AB5, AD1, AD4, AG2, AG3, AH4

Notes: This one day course is a shortened version taking elements of the Drugs and Mental Wellbeing and the Drugs and Brain Chemistry courses. It has proved very popular as a stand-alone course but should be seen as complementing rather than wholly replacing the longer courses.

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