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Drugs Awareness - Enhanced Skills (Intermediate Course)

Duration: one day or two day course

Appropriate for: People who have previously attended basic drug awareness training or have previous experience working with users.

About the course: This course is the "next step" for workers who have previous training or knowledge. It fulfils several critical aims. Firstly it reviews and corrects "technical knowledge" to ensure that commonly-held misconceptions are corrected and looks at accurate terminology and concepts.

The course goes on to explore some of the less common drugs, and highlights key relevant facts relating to these drugs.

Participants go on to explore the wonders on neuropharmacology, providing a firm foundation for understanding all the key drugs, how they work, and how dependence and withdrawal is likely to occur.

Finally the course locates this technical knowledge within a practical context to explore how to implement knowledge in real-world strategies.

The course has proved popular even with the most cynical and jaded workers. Workers with many years experience have found the course useful.


The course includes:

Format: Taught sections, work in pairs and small groups, whole group discussion.

Handouts: Include basic drugs and advanced drugs literature

DANOS Mapping: AA1, AA3, AA4, AB1, AB3, AB5, AC1, AD1, AD2, AD4, AH4, AH7

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