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Drug use and Mental Wellbeing

About this course: The majority of people who use drugs also experience poor mental health at various points. But what is the true relationship between substance use and mental wellbeing? This course explores this complex issue and enables workers to address this interface in a holistic and confident manner.

Duration: one day or two day course

Appropriate for: This course is aimed at more experienced workers who want to explore the interface between drug use and mental health. It is suitable for drugs workers and mental health workers, housing workers or others who have some previous drugs awareness training.

Objectives: By the end of the course, participants will:

The course includes:

Format: Taught sections, group discussion, work in small groups and pairs

Handouts: Handout on drugs and mental health, further reading

DANOS modules: AA1, AA4, AB2, AB5, AD1, AD4, AG2, AG3, AH4

Notes: This course is similar, in some respects to the "Drugs and Brain Chemistry" course. The "Drugs and Mental Health" course goes in to neuropharmacology in less detail and so is probably better suited to drugs and mental health workers who need a broad understanding of the relationship between drugs and mental wellbeing..

The one day course is probably best suited for workers in generic settings (community, hostels, outreach) and two day course is better for substance misuse workers, mental health workers and community workers in specialist settings.

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