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Drugs and Brain Chemistry

About this course: How do we think drugs work within the brain? What do drugs really do at a brain chemical level? And how do we use this information practically. This course is intended to make the subject of neuropharmacology accessible for workers, and enable them to understand key terms, the main neurotransmitters, and the impact of substances on these brain chemicals.

Duration: two day course

Appropriate for: This course is aimed at experienced workers who are confident with the key drugs ad want to enhance their knowledge and skills. Workers will need previous substance misuse training.

Objectives: By the end of the course, participants will:

The course includes:

Format: Taught sections, group discussion, work in small groups and pairs, group presentations

Handouts: Handout on drugs and mental health, further reading

DANOS modules: AA1, AA4, AB2, AB5, AD1, AD4, AG2, AG3, AH4

Notes: This course overlaps with the "Drugs and Mental Wellbeing Course" but focuses primarily on substance use and brain chemistry. It is a very useful course for experienced drug workers who want to understand more about what is going on behind the scenes.

What people have said about this course:

Well presented and comprehensive...like the way that knowledge and understanding was tested

Very well presented, good diagrams and use of analogies

Very informed and excellent at explaining a difficult subject in a layman's terms. Using humour...full of energy. Great!!

Very good training, possibly the best I've been to whilst at -----

This challenging subject was made lively and memorable and stimulating by an enthusiastic and receptive trainer,

Really enjoyed the training it was relevant, enjoyable and informative. Trainers was excellent and I feel I gained a lot even though I had been concerned it would be very difficult and over complicated;

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