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Training the Trainer

About this course: This course is not only for people who are interested in training, but for all workers keen to improve their presentation skills. This can be useful in drugs education settings, group work settings, aswell as conference and training settings.

Duration: Two/Three day course

Appropriate for: Workers who have undertaken previous drugs training and wish to develop their training and presentation skills.

Objectives: By the end of the course, participants will;

Course includes:

Format: Taught section, work in pairs and groups, whole group discussion. Participants will be expected to plan, develop and deliver parts of a training course; this will be reviewed by the group.

Handouts: Copies of OHPs and training manual

DANOS modules: AC1, AC3, AD2, AD3, AD4

Notes: This course can be adapted to specific drugs - so for example by combining this with a cannabis course you can run a TTT - cannabis course.

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