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Working with Drug Users in Housing Settings (specialist)

About the course: After the (difficult) policy and legal work has been undertaken, workers may feel under-skilled when it comes to working with drug users, especially those who have complex needs related to their drug use. Workers who have attended "basic" drugs training still may not feel confident engaging and supporting drug users. This course addresses this need. It looks at some of the key knowledge and skill-sets that housing workers will find useful not just in managing drug use on site but also supporting users and promoting change.

Appropriate for: Workers and managers in housing settings working with drug users, especially injectors, dependent users, and users engaging with treatment. Workers will need to have attended a basic drugs awareness course previously, or have equivalent experience. Likewise, attendance at a one or two day Drugs and The Law course is required as this course does not address legal issues in detail. It may be possible to construct a hybrid course which incorporates aspects of both courses.

Duration: Two day course

Course includes:

Format: Taught section, work in pairs and groups, whole group discussion

Handouts: Copies of OHPs and legislation briefing provided to all participants; additional informattion such as drugs awareness literature can be included by request.

DANOS Modules: AA1, AA2, AA3, AA6, AB2, AB4, AB5, AB8, AD1, AF1, AF2, AG1, AG3, AH4, AH7, AH12, AI2, AK3

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