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About KFx Training

KFx training is a key aspect of the KFx work plan. This training is varied and flexible and has been held in very high regard by purchasers and participants alike. Training is all tailored to the individual needs of purchasers and particpants and the course outlines below are intended to give an idea of the scope and range of training that can be provided.

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Multi-delegate (KFx run) - These courses are in development and will feature a list of multi-delegate courses that will be run by KFx and can be booked directly from this site

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Safer Injecting: 17-18th October 2017 (London)
Safer Injecting: 21-22nd November  2017 (Midlands)

Open Access Courses (External) - These courses are delivered by KFx but hosted by other agencies. These may be open to local workers and are listed in a diary format with contact details of the hosting organisation. Click on the link to the right to see what events are happening in your locality.

None currently available

Courses - Lists course details: for a precis of each course please click on the course name in the right hand side column.

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Calendar: If you are a purchaser, use this facility to see what dates are available for your in-house course.

About KFx Training:

Drugs training that works…

Agencies across the country are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit staff with the skills and experience to work with drug users. The need for effective and informed drugs training has never been greater, and in a range of different social care settings, workers are repeatedly asking for drugs training.

Not all drugs training is the same, and that is why we have been increasingly busy over the past few years delivering training for a growing number of agencies. Given the cost and time needed to deliver training, organizations need training that they could rely on, that left their workers informed and empowered, and training that went in to the subject of drugs in detail, with enthusiasm and in an accessible way.

We offer high quality drugs training. The training is lively and interactive, but challenging and detailed. Our aim is to provide both the knowledge and the skills that will empower workers to undertake effective work with people who use drugs. Information is provided which is accurate, up-to-date and relevant; exercises are designed to examine attitudes and develop skills; resources are provided as a lasting source of reference and referral.

We can deliver a comprehensive package of drugs training that has been tried and tested in a range of settings including hostels, day-centres, social services, local authorities, Youth Work, Drug Action Teams, Theatre-in-Education and Business Settings.

The packages range from basic, essential facts through to challenging attitudinal activities and specialist training. In addition to more general drugs awareness training, we offer specialist input about:

All the training is located within a non-judgmental framework and is geared towards harm reduction and harm minimization strategies.

The section below outlines the courses and modules that I can offer. More detailed information about specific courses or areas of work can obtained bly clicking on the Course Titles. For further details, or to discuss your training or consultancy requirements, please get in touch.

All the course outlines described are therefore illustrative and would be adapted to meet the needs of purchasers.

KFx and DANOS:

Purchasers are increasingly aware of the need to purchase training that reflects the DANOS competencies. KFx Training Modules have been mapped against DANOS.

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