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Costs and Time Requirements

Training Rates: KFx offers top quality training, at highly competitive prices. Most training is delivered on an in-house basis, meaning that costs can be kept as low as possible.

The aim is to make course affordable and accessible to a wide range of organizations. These training rates are for guidance, and are negotiable.

Higher rates may apply if external trainers are required, and a full quote can be provided on a no-obligation basis.

Cost Per Day (from April 5th, 2019

Prices start at 550/day (not for profit) and from 700/day (commercial sector). 

Courses booked BEFORE April 2019 will be billed at the 2018 rate of 525/day even if the course takes place later in the year.,

This is for a group of up to 16.

Larger groups are possible, but billed at  an additional 30 per person up to a maximum group size of 25.
Very large groups are possible and course structure and costs can be agreed on an per-case basis.

Discounts apply to organisations purchasing multiple sessions. Some bespoke courses may require development and will be billed accordingly.

Time scale: Most courses run for one or two days. Ideally, at least four weeks run-in time would be required.

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