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About KFx

KFx is a drug consultancy initiative. It is a run by Kevin Flemen. For more information about Kevin's work history please see the Biography page.

Kevin has worked in the drugs field for over ten years and has worked with a large number of statutory or voluntary agencies. For an idea of the range of organisations that Kevin has worked with see the Clients page.

KFx seeks to balance a large amount of common sense with up-to-date harm reduction and drug policy information. It seeks to locate all this within an accessible format for both specialists and non-specialists alike. The aim here is to make a subject that is typically the source of controversy, misinformation and myth as open, fair and balanced as possible.

KFx is neither pro nor anti drugs. Drugs are there. They will continue to be there in one form or another regardless of prohibition attempts. And as long as substances exist that alter physical or mental states, people will continue to use them. Some will do so briefly, other will do so for longer and a few will develop ongoing problems with their substance use.

The need is therefore to ensure the following:

KFx has a statement of principles. These were originally drafted by Kevin Flemen for the drugs charity, Release and are included herein as a statement of principal for KFx and the work that we aim to do.

KFx Statement of Principles (PDF document)

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KFx Statement of Principles (PDF document)

Drugs and Housing

All material relating to Drugs and Housing has been moved to the Drugs and Housing Website at: www.drugsandhousing.co.uk

The rationale for moving the content was to make this important work easy to navigate and to keep all resources related to this important area of work in one place.

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