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Introduction to Drugs

Duration: one or two days

Appropriate for: workers with little or no previous drugs training or experience. It is a primer course, and provides a good grounding for understanding key issues and concepts and provides a firm foundation for further training. The one day course is adequate for workers who will have little contact with people who use drugs but need a basic understanding. The two day course will be more appropriate for new workers who will work with drug users and need more detailed knowledge.

About the course: The main part of the course is an exploration of the main drugs used outside of medical settings in the UK. The course also looks at reasons behind drugs use, concepts in drug use and some key responses to drug use. There is an exploration of what harm drug use can cause and strategies for addressing this.

Learning Objectives:

The course includes:

Format: The course will involve taught sections, small group work and work in pairs.

Handouts: The course will be accompanied by "Drug Facts" Handouts and additional literature by arrangement.

DANOS Modules: AA1, AA4, AB2, AB5, AC1, AD1, AD2, AD4

Notes: This is a flexible course that can be tailored for delivery in a number of settings (e.g. housing, young people specific, community, etc.)

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