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Families and Drugs

Duration: 2 days

Appropriate for: All workers working with families where substance use is (or maybe) an issue. Includes social workers, police, Sure Start, midwifery services, Health Visitors, drugs workers etc. Previous drugs training (basic - intermediate) is required to ensure familiarity with key drugs.

About the course: The course looks at the issue of substance use within two main contexts:

(a) Where parents use and how to assess and respond to the risks that this creates

(b) where children use and the role of parents and carers in providing education and prevention, and the support needs of parents.

The course comprises two modules detailed below. While the two modules can be run seperately, it is more effective to run them together as a two day course.

Parent and carer drug use: Working with families where parents and carers use

Duration: 1 day

Appropriate for:: Workers with some previous drugs training or experience, who work with families, parents or carers where drug use is an issue. Previous attendance on a drugs course is required.

About the course: This course looks at where parent/carer substance use is present and the risks that it can pose to babies, children and young people. It looks at the nature of risk, how to assess it, and how to respond confidently and proportionately.


Course includes


Handouts: Full handouts will be provided.

Families and Drug Use: Where children use - the role and needs of parents, carers and the wider family

Duration: one day

Aimed at: Workers in contact with families where drug use is an issue.

This course requires familiarity with key concepts in drug use, and so participants will need to have attended a two-day basic course, advanced course or equivalent.

About the course: This one day course is a partner to the Parent and carer Drug Misuse Course. This module looks at the issues that arise where parents or carers are concerned about their children's substance use. It looks at this issue from several perspectives including parent and carer roles as educators and preventors, their support needs and their role in provision of treatment.

Objectives: By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

Course Includes: The course looks at the complex issue of family drug use from variety of perspectives including:


Handouts: Comprehensive handouts including drugs information, trends, and families, exercises and OHPs

DANOS Modules: AA1, AA3, AA4, AB2, AB4, AB5, AB7, AC1, AC3, AF2, AG2, AG3, AL7

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