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Drug Facts

The Drug Facts section contains essential drug facts. These can be downloaded free, and are @nticopright, provided that they are not amended, sold on for profit, and that full credit is given.

Please note that the Drug Facts sheets contain a brief synopsis of information and there is a great deal of additional information about each drug. Some of this is available for participants attending KFx training courses and can be made available to other bodies through purchasing arrangements. Please get in touch for further details.

Each Drug Facts page has a sub-menu:


The Drug Terms section contains a list of mainstream and slang drug terms and offers simple definitions and interpretations of these terms.

The Drug Class and Schedule checker, provides a unique and indispensable list of controlled drugs categorised by class and schedule. It allows workers to check which drugs are covered by the MDA 1971, and what regulations are applied to them. It is currently the most complete and up-to-date list of Controlled Drugs in the UK, and includes the complete lists (with all analogue clauses). It was updated 1st August 2010.

This is accompanied by the unique KFx Drugs Law Table which is a list of all key controlled drugs listed by class and schedule, in alphabetical order, with annotation.

Drug Facts List

Drug Facts:

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