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Heroin and other Opiates

Drug misuse - naltrexone
Naltrexone for the management of opioid dependence

NICE (January 2007)

Guidance on the use of naltrexone in clinical settings.

Drug misuse - methadone and buprenorphine: Full guidance
NICE (January 2007)

Guidance on use of buprenorphine from NICE.

Occasional and controlled heroin use - Not a problem?
JRF (2005)

This report explores the patterns of heroin use among a population of non-dependent and controlled dependent heroin users who saw their use as relatively problem-free.

Exploring user perceptions of occasional and controlled heroin use
JRF (2007)

This study follows up earlier research on occasional and controlled patterns of heroin use in order to examine how – if at all – this group’s use of the drug changed over an extended period of time.

Heroin Use in Northern Ireland: A Qualitative Study into Heroin Users’ Lifestyles, Experiences, and Risk Behaviours (1997-1999)
Queen’s University Belfast (2001)

The purpose of the study was to examine patterns of drug taking, health issues (e.g., Hepatitis C), risk behaviours associated with injection practices (e.g., sharing injection equipment), experiences with drug treatment and related issues. The report includes a description of the methodology, selected findings and recommendations.

Substance Misuse Research: Low-level Heroin Markets - A Case Study Approach
Scottish Executive (July 2006)

A picture of the buying and selling of heroin within three case-study areas in Scotland.

Safer Heroin

Booklet by Gary Sutton on harm reduction for heroin users. Available as a free download or purchasable on line.

Prescribing heroin: what is the evidence?
JRF (September 2003)

Until recently, the UK was the only country in the world that allowed doctors to prescribe heroin for the treatment of opiate dependence. The Government wants heroin prescribing to increase and to be made available to all those who have a clinical need for it. This report, by Gerry Stimson and Nicky Metrebian from the Centre for Research on Drugs and Health Behaviour at Imperial College, looks at the reasons for international interest in prescribing heroin. It critically examines the research, clinical, political and practical challenges to expanding heroin prescribing in the UK.

Injectable Heroin - Potential roles in drug treatment
NTA (May 2003)

New guidance from the NTA about prescribing injectable diamorphine. See Drug News section for more detailed analysis.

Methadone-Drug Interactions (Medications, illicit drugs, & other substances)
Addiction Treatment Forum

Pharmacotherapy is increasingly complicated by the introduction of new drugs and the use of multidrug regimens for acute or chronic disease, which can result in clinically important drug interaction.This is an essential read for all workers engaging with opiate users who are currently prescribed who are about to be prescribed.

The effectiveness of treatment for opiate dependent drug users: An international systematic review of the evidence
Scottish Effective Interventions Unit (July 2002)

"The aim of this study was to identify, review, and critically appraise the quality of reviews and trials in the international research literature on drug misuse concerning the cost- effectiveness of interventions, and the demographic and programme factors that influence treatment outcomes."

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