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Over the past ten years I have delivered pieces of work for a large range of organisations and groups. These have included pieces of research, workshops, seminars and training sessions and consultancy. The following list goes some way to demonstrating the scale and diversity of this work programme.

The list is not complete; unfortunately space preculdes including every session or presentation delivered. It is also not feasible to record the number of muti-day sessions and repeat bookings.

Bold entries represent work undertaken in 2010.

Organisation Subject
Addaction Performance Enhancing Drugs, Harm Reduction, Safer Injecting
Brighton Housing Trust Drugs awareness/policy and law
Barnet Impact Project Connexions and Drugs
Beacon Trust Drugs awareness, and Drugs Law
Bexley Cannabis
BKCW MHT Drugs and Premises (Central London Agencies)
BKCW MHT Section 8 for drug-treatment agencies
BKCW MHT Consultancy: development of Rapid Access Clinic and in-house exchanges
Blackpool The Hub  
Bibini Centre, Manchester Drugs and premises
Birmingham Institute for the Deaf gen drugs, drugs and premises
Bournemouth Churches H.A. Drugs and premises
Bristol CC Drugs and mental health
Bracknell Forest DAT Children Families and Drugs, Basic Drugs, Advanced Drugs, Drugs and Mental Health
Bridge Project Bradford Drugs and Housing
Bradford Cyrenians Drugs and Housing
Brighton and Hove CC Stimulants, benzos, alcohol, drugs and the law, heroin
Bristol Drug Project Drugs and Brain Chemistry, stimulants, benzos, alcohol
BKCW Needle Exchange for Pharmacy Assistants
Birmingham Youth Service Research - Volatile Substance Abuse
BAAF Drugs and Families
Caia Park, Wrexham Needle Exchange
Cardiff YMCA Drugs and Premises, drugs policy development
Cambridge CSP Drugs and Premises
Caught in the Act Theatre-in-education Cast training: drugs, drugs education
Centrepoint Drugs awareness, drugs and the law, policy development
Compass Drugs and young people, Safer Injecting, Drugs Awareness, alcohol, Performance Enhancing Drugs, First Steps in Assessment and Intervention
Coventry CVS General drugs
Coventry CDT Drugs and housing conference, drugs and the law training
Creative Support, Manchester Drugs and Premises
CRI Safer Injecting
Crisis Drugs awareness
Doncaster Drug Project

Drugs and the law, drugs and mental wellbeing,
Consultancy - stimulants
Safer Injecting, Steroids, Pharmacy Exchange workers
Stimulants training, assessment skills, drugs and neuropharmacology

Doncaster Connexions Alcohol, Cannabis
Doncaster CVS Gen drugs, advanced drugs
Department of Health Consultancy: Volatile Substance Abuse
Eaves Housing for Women Drugs, the law, drugs awareness, Crack
Enfield DAT Drugs and Child Protection
English Churches Housing Group Drugs and Premises
EATA Consultancy (NTA)
Exeter CC Harm Reduction
Exeter Shilhay Community Drugs and premises
St Petrocs Exeter Refresher
Exeter Gabriel House Drugs on premises strategy days
Equinox, London Gen drugs, advanced drugs, cocaine and crack
Foundation Housing Drugs and premises, working with users, Advanced drugs, Drugs Introduction
Foundation 66 Safer injecting
Foyer, Cardiff Drugs and Premises, policy development
FDAP Conference workshop - Needle Exchange
Fulcrum Project Cocaine and Crack
Gateshead DAT Drugs and premises
Gloucestershire DAAT Drugs and premises; policy development
Greater Glasgow Healthboard Conference
Greenwich PCT Cannabis, VSA, Harm Reduction
Harbour centre Plymouth Performance Enhancing Drugs
HMP Belmarsh Injecting and Harm Reduction
Homeless Training Unit, London Drugs awareness, drugs and mental health, cocaine & crack
Horton HA Drugs, the law and Good Practice
Hounslow PCT Harm reduction, Injecting, Cannabis, Drug Deaths
HPAS Manchester S8 seminars
Hungerford Drug Project Drugs, refugees and asylum seekers
Health Development Agency Drugs and families
Homelesslink Drugs The law and Good Practice
Inroads, Cardiff Drugs and premises
Islington Youth Service Drugs Awareness
KCA Injecting, femoral injecting, drugs work with young people
Kent DAT Stimulants, Injecting, consultancy
LB Kingston Drugs Awareness, Drugs and the Law, Sharps Handling
Lanarkshire ADAT Safer Injecting, Harm Reduction, Performance Enhancing Drugs
Lancashire CC Advanced Drugs
Lancashire Youth Homelessness Forum Conference
LAF Drugs and Premises, Cannabis
Leicester CC Drugs and Housing
Leicestershire Unison Drugs and Premises
Lifeline Huddersfield Stimulants, Safer Injecting, steroids
Liverpool DAAT Section 8 Policy Seminar
Liverpool CMHT Consultancy
Liverpool Supporting People  
London Connection Drugs and Mental Health
Look Ahead Housing Sharps Handling
M25 project Doncaster Injectors and Health
Manic Depression fellowship Drugs and mental health
Mainliners Drugs and premises, safer injecting
Matrix Project Norwich Safer Injecting
Mathew Project, Norwich Safer Injecting
Merchants Quay Project, Dublin Conference - drugs and homelessness
Merseyside Police Section 8 Ammendment Seminar
National Homeless Alliance Conferences, workshops
Newham BC drugs awareness, harm reduction, drugs and housing
Newlink South Wales Drugs and premises, VSA
Nightstop UK Drugs for Nightstop hosts
Nightsafe Drugs and Premises
Northants Supporting People Conference
North Wales Needle Exchange Advanced drugs
Oxford MIND Drugs and Housing
Oxfordshire and Bucks Probation service

Drugs and policy development

Oxford MHT Drugs and MH settings
Options Southampton Needle Exchange
Off the Streets and Into Work Gen drugs, assessment, heroin, cocaine
Project Lilac Consultancy: In-house needle exchanges; training: safer injecting;
Passage Day Centre, London Gen Drugs
Phoenix Futures Stimulants
Poole Drugs and Premises
Portsmouth BC Drugs and the Law
Providence Row Gen Drugs, alcohol
Release Resource development
Reading Borough Council Drugs on premises, Safer Injecting
Rugby House Safer Injecting
Richmond Fellowship Drugs and Mental Health
Rochdale MBC Drugs on Premises
Simon Community London Drugs Awareness and Law
Society of St James - Southampton  
Sorted! Nottinghamshire ADA, Drugs and MH, Diversity,
Surrey DAT Drugs and premises
Surrey CDT Consultancy - drugs policy
Stockport DAT Drugs and the law
Selhal Lancashire Drugs and Premises

Southampton DAT

Drugs and the Law, policy and practice, WOMAD, Families
Southampton YMCA Drugs and the Law
Southend DAT  
Southwark DAT Premises, heroin and crack
South Yorkshire HA Drugs and Premises
Solihull MBC Drugs and premises
Sheffield Housing Action Drugs and premises, policy
Sheffield Probation Drugs and Mental Wellbeing
Shelter, Shelter Cymru Drugs and Premises
Southern Focus Trust Drug deaths
St Petrocks Exeter Drugs awareness, heroin and Crack
Safe Haven leeds Drugs and premises
St Basils Birmingham Intermediate drugs (16 days), Range of other courses
Slough Foyer Drugs and Housing
Single Homeless Project Drugs, drugs policy, drugs and the law
St Mungos Cold Weather Shelter Training, injecting training
Stepping Stones, Lancashire

Drugs and Premises

Stockton on tees Young People and Injecting
Stoke on Trent DAT

Basic drugs, advance drugs, drugs and families, drugs and the law, drugs and mental health, cocaine and crack, heroin, cannabis, refugees and asylum seekers, assessment, developing needle exchange, pubs and clubs

Social Services Policy Development

Youth Service Policy Development

Surrey Community Development Trust Drugs and The Law
Consultancy - Policy Development
Thamesreach Drugs and Premises, Cocaine and Crack, Heroin and Opiates, Drugs Awareness
Thomson Holidays Drugs for Holiday Reps
Thurrock DAT Foundation drugs course (5x3 blocks)
Trinity Centre, Winchester Injecting
Turning Point Cardiff Drugs and legal issues: DTTO staff
Turning Point Sheffield Needle Exchange for U18s
Turning Point Stoke Needle Exchange for U18s
UKHRA Conference presentation
Voluntary ACtion Cardfiff Drugs and Premises
Voluntary Hostels Group, Norwich Conference
Wiltshire Health Promotion Service

Families and drugs, drugs and premises, young people and drugs, screening young people, cannabis, resource development

Who Cares? Trust

Literature development

Women's Aid, Huddersfield Drugs and premises
West Midlands Probation Service Drugs and Practice
Walsall Heath Authority Drugs on premises
Welcome Solihull Needle Exchange, crack cocaine, steroids

Westminster Drug Project

Safer Injecting
Westminster Education Authority Drugs for Teachers - Inset Training
West Lothian Drug & Alcohol Service Cannabis
Selwood HA Sharps Handling
West Yorkshire HA Drugs and Premises
West Pennine HA Drugs and Premises
Wrekin HA Drugs and Premises, Sharps
Young People Cornwall "A day on Drugs"


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