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First Steps in Engaging and Assessing

About this course: This course was originally designed for Doncaster Drug Project and is also used by Compass. It looks at how workers engage with clients (and vice versa) from the point where a a client first rings on a project buzzer to the point where they leave after that initial visit.

The course explores some of the dynamics that can exist between workers and clients, how workers can ensure that this initial session is as productive as possible and how to complete required paperwork as painlessly as possible.

Appropriate for: All workers engaged in face-to-face drugs work, especially those within their first year of employment. Previous drugs awareness training required.

Duration: two days (can run as a one day course if essential.)

Course objectives: By the end of the course, participant will:

Course includes:

Format: Taught sections, work in pairs and small groups, group discussion, role play

Handouts: course slides and exercises

Danos units supported: AA2, AA3, AC1, AF!, AF2, AF3, AG2

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